Oct. 27th 70 to Union Station 07:35

by Emily Izsak

Oct. 27th 70 to Union Station 07:35

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“Oct. 27th 70 to Union Station 07:35” was originally published originally published in the author’s collection of poetry, Whistle Stops.

Salty reason trips across

the mutant landscape


yellow with foliage

our track mother

renders municipal

terminus unremarkable


The next station is

an other galaxy


La prochaine station est

une autre galaxie


where upturned hills

serve as punch bowls

and a ride away

is to slink back


to pre-dynastic vagrancy

one crimped antenna left

to navigate the topsoil

Emily Izsak recently completed The University of Toronto’s MA in English and Creative Writing program. Her work has been published in Arc Poetry Magazine, The Puritan, House Organ, Cough, The Steel Chisel, The Doris, and The Hart House Review. In 2014 she was selected as PEN Canada’s New Voices Award nominee. Her chapbook, Stickup, was published in 2015, and her first full length collection, Whistle Stops: A Locomotive Serial Poem, was published by Signature Editions in April 2017.