We're looking for the best in speculative, dreamy, and surreal fiction from Canada and beyond. Now accepting reprints from indigenous creators to be included in our inaugural Preview issue.


In Ancient Rome, an Augur was a religious official who looked for the will of the gods in the flight patterns of birds, and who made predictions based on the stories they read there. Today, Augur is a literary magazine that makes room for writing from uncommon perspectives, and brings together the often disparate realms of literary and genre fiction.

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For our first project, we’re putting together a reprint collection that represents the voices  that Augur Magazine is most interested in. We finished our first round of submissions back in May and are sorting through them as quickly as possible, and we’re now open to submissions from Indigenous creators.

This inaugural issue will be released during our funding campaign, and then later available for free to prospective contributors, as a part of our initiative to ensure that our authors won’t have to pay to know whether they’re submitting to the right place.

We’re looking for:

  • Fiction
  • Graphic Fiction
  • Poetry


We plan on making the eight months before our launch a blast, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Let us know what kind of info you’d like to see from us, and when we have something we think you’d like we’ll send it your way!

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